If You Are

If you are successful and choose to accept a grant offer,
you will enter into a legally binding agreement with MCA.

It will be expected that you have public liability insurance cover in place.

You will be required to provide an Activity Workplan (on the template provided) reflecting agreed activities, six-monthly Activity Workplan Reports, and a Final Financial Declaration.

Grant Funding will be paid on the basis of a tax invoice for the amount of the payment from your organisation.

For projects over 6 months in duration, the initial 6-months payment will be paid on execution of the agreement, and the remaining payment will be paid on the acceptance of the 6-monthly report.

Funded organisations will be required to participate in MCA-facilitated monthly learning circles through the duration of their respective activities to share learnings and experiences from their projects, identify emerging issues, and exchange knowledge and expertise.

This will support the grant program evaluation and encourage greater collaboration among organisations nationally

Successful organisations will also be required to participate in an MCA-facilitated capacity-building program targeted at the organisational as well as the individual leadership levels.

Capacity Building Program

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Grant Recipient Resource Hub

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All Grant Rounds are closed.